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The United Universe MLEG (Maya Love Enlightenment Game) masterplan!

Namasté UN staff members (send 24-12-2019),
@UN Secretary-General António Guterres, the climate negotiations of #COP25 are over, and the planet is still in need for practical and viable solutions! So this is the last chance for the UN to works with Kukulkan so that we can shape our future together… or at no interest the UN becomes part of the past because the UN failed humanity, big time, with all their expensive and useless COP’s.

With greatest respect,
In lak’ech: Kukulkan ॐ )))


If we exist in a Holographic Universe like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk have said, and I quote Elon Musk: ‘there is only a “one in a billion” chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation.’… Then we are okay, because our Avatars won’t abandon their own player Skins due to a temporary economical ‘Hitler’ virus thats is not yet firewalled.

In case we are not living in a computer simulation at all, and no-one is supported in this theoretical virtual reality; but everyone is just dreaming to live in a world as the Bible once revealed… then we are really doomed to fail, because even the mighty UN (see it on youtube) cannot stop our downfall. Apparently our World Leaders still follow science, and precisely these scientists, who are playing a guessing game, are the ones who have maneuvered us to the brink of extinction. Because>>>

So science cannot help us, because the scientific options are still too underdeveloped to comprehend and let alone support us… In any way, the MLEG can help us in both cases! 

# 1. First of all, through the MLEG we become more familiar with this holographic universe phenomena and with living in a virtual reality world.

# 2. Everyone can take advantage of the conscious Mayan raw food Lifestyle of Kukulkan, so that they will reconnect with their Avatar, in the Garden of Eden.


# 3. The economical Hitler virus that’s destroying our habitat by raping mother nature, is now rendered harmless. So humanity and our planet earth can recover naturally from centuries of neglect and exhaustion. During this repair the egocentric mind can be returned to its pure source, that of Consciousness.

ohm )))

# 4. The MLEG brings about a Buddhist Awakening (I Am That I Am), which means a personal revelation of the truth in your Spirit, this is called Enlightenment. With the Apocalypse the same awakening is being referred to. Apocalypse is namely a Greek word that means: lifting the veil of illusion (which is also the meaning of màyà). The apocalyptic literature is of great importance in the history of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. Awakening is referred to as ‘the revelation of God through his prophet’ and in this case ‘the revelation of HunabKú through his Kukulkan’.

In lak’ech

So the Apocalypse will unveil the true will of God, revealing the MLEG to be the true will of HunabKú. Surely Apocalypse is not about war, death or the end of the world, but about Enlightenment. Because it is our Bliss that helps us to see the truth! And it is already here and now, in this present time, but unfortunately the unchangeable Bliss is only constantly experienced in the highest form of Samadhi meditation. Attaining this is the true meaning of Yoga. So please always stay in Satsang (since your Avatar is your best friend). And when you say Namasté, the deeper meaning is; Meeting someone’s avatar in our Kingdom of Heaven, and this is where the universe is built of.

Life is a cosmic game and we are all getting played because everyone has a gamer “Avatar” and is therefore a player “Skin”. The MLEG will support everyone with these important steps that we have not learned in school or throughout our indoctrinate society, because from childhood onwards we were brainwashed and now we are on the border of extinction; how close are we actually UN?

Apocalypse now!

All Gurus refer to the same Avatar Consciousness, but the main problem lies with all the students, or wannabes, who keep on looking at their guru’s fingers, that are pointing as a mere reference, but are not the Kingdom of Heaven itself. Because these well-meant Gurus keep on trying to teach you from the person, the egomind, up to your Avatar. The ego, as the control center of our senses, is still crucified, and unable to learn. But your Avatar is unbound and in Bliss. And only through the MLEG we can reconnect with our Avatar in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Your Avatar presents himself in the Kingdom of Heaven, and your Skin, as a world citizen, based on our reincarnation database. Our database is being kept in our Akashic records (the same place our will comes from). Through our third eye, we can be aware of our Avatar presence that our eyes cannot see, and the quieter we become, the more we become conscious of this. Our Avatars communicate with the language of consciousness, which doesn’t use words, and in this magical environment our Avatar Bliss synchronization occurs, as the undercurrent of our human senses. See, your Avatar is that what experiences and this is the Cosmic game where the MLEG is based on. But the person in question can only experience less than 1% of existence. This lovemaking with the universe has already been going on for more than millions of years, and the MLEG will refer to this.

and this make Shunyamurti a supreme Lord of the Universe

In view of the fact that my earlier sponsor requests done to the UN, Elon Musk, President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump, all the Monarchies and other world leaders do not have respond jet and even the social media does not bends over this Conscious MLEG item. So we have to do it ourselves as Greta says and I quote Greta Thunberg Climate Protection and Environmental Activist: We do not have to wait, for the #COP26, we can start the change “right now” we the People! Unquote so that we can take matters in our own hands… So now is the time for humanity to Awaken from the divided cradle of life into The United Universe through the MLEG (because the UN left plenty of room for improvement). So for the sake of everyone and our world, please become a The United Universe Patreon, and with your support, I assemble the MLEG myself. And then we will descend from our Avatar down to the person’s ego cockpit and harmlessly deconstruct the ego and firewall the time is money virus.

PS: MLEG master plan follows around 25e December 2019: For security reasons and copycats I have decided only disclose the outcome of the MLEG and this has everything to do with Awakening the Global Heart. Enter: Solar Bliss Ashram of HunabKú

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In lak’ech,

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